Early Church History                                                       

Rev. Dr. William H. Campbell, who had retired from the Presidency of Rutgers College, founded the Fourth Reformed Church of New Brunswick in 1884.  Prayer meetings and Sunday School were held in private homes until the group petitioned the Classis of New Brunswick on October 21, 1884 to become a new congregation.  The Classis accepted their petition and 14 Charter members officially became a new church.  The first Consistory was named in November, 1884 and the church moved its worship to an elementary school on French Street.  Preparation for a new church building began in 1884.  A lot on Suydam and Drift was purchased and the building was completed in 1886.  The congregation became Suydam Street Reformed Church, a beacon of Light and Hope, then and now.

As the neighborhood changed, and many Latinos came to New Brunswick, so did the Suydam Street Reformed Church.  Since 1970, the congregation became bi-lingual and bi-cultural.  Every Sunday, separate Spanish and English worships were held.  Once a month, the congregation would worship together and celebrate the Lord’s Supper.  Approximately 40 years ago, the congregation moved to stay together in a single bi-lingual worship.  Worship is now conducted in both Spanish and English.  Scriptures are read in both languages.  Most of the hymns are sung in both languages and sermons are given in both languages.

Today, Suydam Street Reformed Church celebrates the victory that comes from “Serving our Community in Faith and in Action.”

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