Wednesdays Bible Study Group 

Every Wednesday evening a group of approximately individuals gather to study various books of the Bible.  The goal of the Bible study session is for participants to explore and learn on how to integrate the word of God into everyday living.  The format that has proven successful, is sectioning the Bible throughout the year to emphasize the historical context of the church, and how it translates into modern day reality. For the past four (4) months the focused has been on re-reading the bible from the beginning and investing time in understanding the context of the time when it was written, but equally important understanding the ramifications and impact in today’s world.

Women’s Prayer Group

Confirmation Class

After completing the Sunday School Curriculum, which is approximately at the age of 12, eligible youths are invited to participate in the Confirmation Class.  The Confirmation Curriculum is designed to be implemented in a 6 to 8 month period.  The class is conducted by one of the Elders of the greater consistory.  The classes are held on Sunday’s during service. The average size of the confirmation class is 10-12, depending on the year.  The curriculum focuses on the following:

  • A review of each one of the books of the Bible (Old and New Testaments).
  • The Reformed Church and its history, including the Book of Church Order.
  • Sessions on Faith, Baptism, Tithing and Offering, Worship.
  • Discussion on the different denominations.
  • Learning all aspects of prayer.
  • A midterm learning brunch.
  • Open discussions on topics identified by the participants of biblical or worldly nature.

More important, for each participant to graduate from the Confirmation Class they must achieve and learn the following as demonstrated by written and oral exams conducted by the teacher, and the Board of Elders:

  • Lord’s Prayer, and the Doxology
  • The Apostles’ Creed
  • Prayer Structure

New Members Class

The process for individuals to become a member at Suydam Street Reformed Church requires that individuals participate in a five session class. The curriculum for the class is as follows:New Members Class

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